Breakout Sessions

2019 Breakout Sessions

Digital Twins & Performance Monitoring

Digital twins: Allowing your cash center to join the IoT revolution through dashboard visualization of machine and processing data. Data sources within a cash center are mirrored in a ‘Digital Twin’ to provide a powerful tool that allows full transparency and control over banknote processing operations. Join us to learn how monitoring tools with data intelligence and analytics can provide you with deep insights into optimizing all aspects of the cash center.

Integrated Supply Chain Management – Software Driven Transformation

Trends in the global cash cycle have always been a key driver for G+D to invest in hardware and software which facilitates continuous optimization. G+D recently acquired Transtrack as part of this strategy and to further focus on integrated supply chain management solutions. Through analysis of supply chains across other industries, investigation of the impact of global trends and insight into technological developments, we will explore further opportunities for optimization of the Cash Cycle, and in turn, your business.

Entering the Age of Cash Visibility

In a world of increased digitization, with diverse actors collaborating across the cash supply chain, with cash holdings in the supply chain being a major cost factor and transportation patterns becoming more dynamic, financial institutions, CITs and other market participants are in urgent need to adopt new technologies to create visibility across the cash supply chains and allow for open interfaces, such as the ones standardized by GS1. This breakout showcases leading global approaches for cash visibility, highlights our experience with GS1 processes and illustrates how different market participants can automate collaboration for an overall more efficient and open market.

Integrated Solutions for Cash Process Optimization

Optimizing the Cash Cycle goes hand in hand with the optimization of the front-end processes. The latest series of recycling systems in combination with state-of-the-art AI forecasting and planning technology is particularly important to manage the complexity in multi-denomination and the end-to-end cash handling. With the launch of the new DN series, the diffusion degree has significantly increased – transparency, seamless integration will accelerate your banking transformation journey . Clear structures, auditable and easy to understand process flows and full transparency are the core demand of the end-users. The future of integrated solutions for cash process optimizations starts here.

Smart Safes and Recyclers - Cash Management Efficiency and Throughput (Closed to Competitors)

With the ever-increasing operational cost of Cash Management, retailers must find a way to reduce costs while also finding a way to increase the speed of cash flow. Armor Safe Technologies helps retailers with these issues through the CacheNET family of products. We deliver a means that revolutionizes the way cash is handled and managed from end to end "Turning Cash into Digital Information". Armor Safe Technologies - changing the way the world counts cash.

The role of secure and durable banknotes in the cash cycle

The cash cycle is marked by its security and resilience. Cash is a public good, part of a national infrastructure, and we, the suppliers to the industry, have a key part to play in making sure it keeps going. While armouring a vehicle, securing an ATM, and defending a cash centre are very visible signs on how important cash is, we feel that the note itself, the material it’s made from is one of the foundations of the trust implied by the use of cash. In this session we’d like to explore the part that a secure and durable substrate plays in this essential utility.

Beyond the Hype: A Practical Look at Cash Management & Real Life Impacts to the Customers’ Business (Presented in Spanish)

How can analytics be used to make a major impact to the bottom line? How can change management be promoted within the customers’ environments to improve processes? How can we transform how cash is managed and provide a return on investment for years? SUZOHAPP, an expert with world leading technology in cash handling automation, will address these questions, providing insight into market challenges and solutions for the retail industry.