2019 Pre-Seminar Programs

Shaun Ferrari's Central Bank Working Group at the MEA Cash Cycle Seminar

Payments for Cash Professionals Workshop

The world of electronic payments is exciting and complicated. Ever want to know more about how the payments infrastructure works and what’s next in the payments landscape? See why these developments matter for you and your cash operations, whether you are a retailer, a banker, or a CIT operator.
Currency Research (CR) is well-positioned to bridge the gap between payments and cash with four (and growing) payments conferences in our expanded offering, and with experienced payments professionals now on the team. This educational workshop will update cash industry professionals on the latest developments in the complex domain of payments.
Fee: USD $200.00

Date: Tuesday, November 12 at 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

"I gained better understanding what is happening in the payments industry on a global persprective, the 'market share' of each, and with what payments methods cash will compete in the next coming years."
Banque de France
A standard offering across the portfolio of CR cash events, continuous updates keep the course relevant. In fact, delegates rated the training with a 92% approval for content value. If your organization is interested in a deeper dive into this important material, CR also has an option to deliver a full-day version of this training at your workplace. See the brochure for program details.
Payments for Cash Professionals Workshop DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Implementing Cash Visibility: How Track & Trace Can Add Efficiencies to the Cash Cycle Workshop

Cash visibility has been discussed for many years now. After a successful pilot this past year, join the Federal Reserve Cash Product Office, Davis Bancorp, and Suretraxx Cash Management Systems for demonstrations of how the track and trace program works, and the efficiencies the program produces. Learn how to get involved in the program, what works, and what challenges remain– your input can help shape the future of this program. The time has come for partnerships of CITs, FI's, Central Banks, and suppliers to define the efficient cash cycle of the future based on visibility, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Fee: USD $200.00
Date: Tuesday, November 12 at 2:00pm - 5:00 pm

Inaugural Pre-Conference Latin American Day

Visiting Boston from Latin America? Want time to discuss regional specific issues with your peers and suppliers? You are in luck! We are offering a pre-conference program to provide distinct regional presentations, discussions, networking, and solution exploration. The Latin America Day will be presented in Spanish and will be led by Santander and Currency Research.

Fee: USD $200.00
Date: Tuesday, November 12 at 7:45 am - 5:00 pm

¡Participe en el Seminario inaugural del Día de América Latina en el Ciclo del efectivo en las Américas (ICCOS) en Boston!

Pase tiempo discutiendo problemas regionales y estableciendo contactos con sus colegas de toda América Latina. Los bancos centrales, las instituciones financieras, los minoristas y los proveedores participarán en el programa de este día, que se realizará en su totalidad en español. Conozca los desafíos de la circulación de efectivo y las soluciones específicas para la región. Aproveche este tiempo dedicado antes de que comience la conferencia principal para reunirse con profesionales de efectivo que se especializan en América Latina para reconectarse y construir nuevas asociaciones.

Incluye almuerzo, coffee breaks y recepción por la noche.
Costo de asistencia: $200
Regístrese para el día de América Latina y reciba un 50% de descuento en la entrada a la conferencia usando el código: Cincuenta¡
Un ahorro de más de $600!
Regístrese ahora en es.americas.iccos.com